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Bird in GorseThe seed that grew to become the The Park Housing Co-operative started life from a meeting that took place in June 2010 with the board of directors of Duneland Ltd.

During the discussion about the different needs and issues around housing in The Park and more specifically for the future in the Duneland development a few of us shared that it was a difficult place to live, the prices were too high, the rentals short term, too many houses just sold to those who can afford them.

It was clear that there is an important population that struggle to live at The Park because they cannot find the accommodation or have the financial means to settle here.

This population comprises of various groups in our community:

  • members and ex-members of the Findhorn Foundation, many fulfilling core functions in the community, who wish to live with greater sustainability.
  • an older generation who have served this community for years, wishing for a supportive structure, including for the final stages in life
  • the ‘second generation Findhornians’ who grew up here when their parents were part of the community and now wish to settle back ‘home’.
  • young families wanting to live in community but feel the only choice they have is to move away. These make up the next generations who will ensure the ongoing vitality and diversity of the Findhorn Foundation Community.

All these people make up the full spectrum needed for a vibrant population to support this spiritual community, ecovillage and centre of education and demonstration.

We therefore called our group the “Full Spectrum Initiative” and have been meeting regularly since to generate momentum, ideas, legal structures and funds to help this affordable housing project (The Park Housing Cooperative) come to fruition.


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